What is the next big question? And how to answer it?


Start from the future

Let’s answer the biggest question together. We look way beyond the typical 2-4 years to create radical future scenarios about your future business. As the consulting arm of the leading Nordic think tank, our speciality is foresight.

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Co-create the vision

You have a bunch of alternative futures but which ones are relevant to your business? What would be your desired state? Pause right there. That is your vision. We co-create your desired state together with your stakeholders.

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Make your roadmap

By now, you have a vision that is based on hypotheses. Don’t be a bystander but a proactive creator of your future. Arrange your efforts into a timeline and you will have a roadmap to your vision.

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Experiment the strategy

Strategy sounds stiff while it should be responsive. Design a series of experiments to validate your actions and engage people with them. When you see a spark, scale it up.

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