About us

The next big problem is our business

Stable markets are gone. Right becomes wrong, wrong becomes an opportunity. In the post-industrial era, you can’t stick to your old beliefs. You have to keep asking, what’s the next BIG question? That’s what we do as management consultants. That’s our mission.

For Demos Effect there are always two clients: those who pay our bills and and the society which benefits. Why might this interest you? Because if you only look at trends from an industry point-of-view, you will miss other forces that shape the future.

Around when we started as a think tank, many companies failed to react to climate change since they were focused on their own businesses and competitors. We realized we could have helped them and hence, we could have a more substantial impact by also working with companies.

Our method

Our guiding principles have remained the same from day one:

  1. Holistic approach – Take cross-industry trends and trends in society into account to spot the tipping points transforming business.
  2. Do it with people – Talk to other industries, NGO’s and go to the grass-roots. Call it co-creation if you like.

Our connection to Demos Helsinki

The only difference between Demos Helsinki and Demos Effect is that Demos Effect only works with companies. That’s also the reason why Demos Effect was founded: to keep companies on track with the changes in society and to help them get on board with the transformation towards a post-industrial society. We believe that companies are a powerful force for change and that together we can work on solving the biggest societal challenges of our time.

Demos Helsinki, our mother organization, is the leading Nordic future think tank. Its clients include NGOs, the public sector and most ministers’ offices. Our common mission is to work towards sustainable and democratic societies.

Demos Effect has become an independent and renowned consulting firm in a short period of time. At an everyday level, we share the office, our team members and knowledge base with Demos Helsinki.