2 Co-create the vision

As the world changes rapidly, it has become increasingly complex to find answers for societal and organizational challenges. Resilience is the key to future-proof business. Co-creation brings people together to systematically take advantage of sharing intelligence and creativity. It is not only a problem-solving and solution-development tool, but also a way of building confidence and new partnerships. Co-creation is especially useful for validating possible futures and identifying relevant themes with your key stakeholders.

Demos Effect utilizes co-creation workshops as a co-development method. These include wikicafé, rapid prototyping, and co-creation canvases for idea-processing and generating motivation for actions. A key feature of these workshops is motivating participants to identify shared problems that would benefit from a joint resolution. Our work methods help participants bring forth their needs, identify priorities, and discover areas in which their own departments or agencies can commit to a joint action.

The workshop participants’ motivation, work orientation, and commitment to the shared problem solving process starts from the initial invitation. During the workshop, a preliminary interview and key participants are leveraged to ensure that a larger group will find the results suitable for their needs.

As a result of co-creation we narrow down the preliminary research to the areas relevant to your business, and find the new focus and development areas. Based on this we will find a desired future state of the company, i.e. your long-term vision.