Cookie Policy

Our website uses cookies. With cookies, we can identify, for example, what browsers have been used to visit our website, how long it has been visited for and whether visitors have returned to our website more than once. We can also examine what content on our website has been opened and read. Cookies help us analyse our website and develop its content.

All the data collected is anonymous. Functions performed on our website cannot be linked to a specific person through it. In plain English: we can get information on, for example, how many people have read our blog post, which browser and device it has been read on, and from where in the world this was done. We will not, however, find out who the person reading it is.

So what are cookies?

Cookies are common practice on almost all major websites. Cookies are small files that are stored on your computer or other devices when you visit a website. On your later visits, they are sent back to our website or to another website that identifies the cookie.

The cookies we use do not harm the users’ computers. For more information on cookies, visit

What cookies does our website use?

We can divide the cookies used on our website into three categories:

1. Cookies measuring usage
2. Functional cookies
3. Third-party cookies

Cookies measuring usage

• Google Analytics
• Google Double Click

These cookies help us better understand how our website is being used. The data helps us improve the website’s user experience. For example, we get the following tracking data on visitors: number of visits, how they have arrived at the website and how long the visit lasted. The data we receive is anonymous.

The data collected by these cookies is transferred and stored on Google’s servers, some of which may be located outside the EU and to which local data protection legislation applies in this case.

Learn more about Google’s privacy policy here.

Functional cookies

• AppNexus – checks whether the user’s browser supports cookies
• Tapad – defines which device the user visits the site on
• Semasio – targeting advertising
• Adsrvr – targeting advertising

These cookies remember the choices you make on the website and improve the ease of use and performance of the website.

Third-party cookies

• AddThis – social media share buttons

Our website has buttons that make it easier to share blogs, for example, on social media. When using these buttons, the website may add a cookie to your browser. For more information about the cookie, see the service provider’s website.

How do you manage and delete cookies?

You can influence the management and deletion of each cookie yourself by clicking the following links:

Doubleclick –
Google Analytics –
AddThis –
AppNexus –
Tapad –
Semasio –
Adsrvr –

How do you manage cookies through your browser settings?

Most browsers accept cookies, but this can be changed in the browser settings.

By changing your browser settings, you can:

• prevent the storage of new cookies
• disable existing cookies
• request to be notified before new cookies are stored.

If you want your browser to block cookies, configure the settings according to your browser’s instructions (usually in the Help, Tools or Edit menu). Note that settings differ somewhat depending on the browser. For more detailed instructions, visit

If you prevent the storage of cookies or disable them, some of the functions on our website may not necessarily work.

Changes to cookies

If we change this cookie policy, we will make the changes visible in the policy and date them. If we make any significant changes to this cookie policy, we will give clear notification of it when the applicable law so requires.

Updated: 21st of May, 2018