4. Experiment the strategy

Strategic experimentation is a tool used to implement organizational change more rapidly, efficiently and by saving costs.

Once you have a strategy, you should always experiment it’s steps in a smaller scale. This will help you engage and demonstrate the value of your future actions. Strategic experimentation is closely linked to company’s strategic objectives. After each phase the results are assessed through company’s key strategic goals.

Not only does strategic experimentation help implement change. It also provides your company with extremely crucial data for scaling up the change. Demos Effect can help companies define the experimental blanks, i.e. the crucial knowledge on which the strategic experiments can be built. As an experiment takes place, important data is simultaneously provided for scaling it, i.e. managing the change in the organization.

As industries change or grow old, organizations need to create new business in new industries. We also specialize in strategic experiments between organizations. The aim is to break industrial boundaries by understanding new capabilities, new business models and new revenue logics.

By strategic experimentation we help your company to validate the change or decide which changes should take place. Experiments are also a great way to engage participants, provide data for scaling and, hence, accelerate your organizational change.