3 Make your roadmap

You need a roadmap to achieve your vision, based on validated hypotheses from your stakeholders. With the rapid pace of change, you cannot afford to stay put and wait for the future to happen. Instead you need to create your future proactively.

Backcasting is a method used in a strategy planning process. It starts with defining the future vision (i.e. desirable future) and continues by going step by step back towards the present. What needs to be done a year before we can reach our desired stage? And a year before that? We will help you identify the steps that will eventually connect the future vision to the present.

The methodology utilizes years’ of work with several large companies in Finland and internationally as well as future scenarios methods developed by Demos Helsinki, as a result of national and Europe-wide research.

Demos uses foresight knowledge and the latest information on the impact of megatrends on individuals to help steer their clients toward the desired future state. We do this by finding the most important enablers to make the vision reachable.