1. Start from the future

So you want to answer the biggest question? Great!  Let’s find out what the correct question is, so we can figure it out.

At Demos Effect we look far into the future to get the big picture of the changes that are ahead. As the consulting arm of the leading Nordic think tank Demos Helsinki, our specialty is forecasting. Typically when businesses create strategies, they consider only the time span of 2 to 4 years. At Demos Effect our core business is to know what happens 10 to 20 years from now – and how you should start preparing for it. But let’s not go there just yet.

Data collection and research form the base for any project Demos does. With research base of Demos Helsinki combined with research done by others and organization’s own materials, a vast knowledge base can be compiled quickly and efficiently. Demos Helsinki and Demos Effect are two separate organizations, but our expertise is shared and available for all the projects.

Our projects always have two clients, the company and the society. As almost 60 percent of the most important economic entities in the world are companies instead of countries, solving the biggest problem of the first one will eventually lead to solving the problems of the society. We exist because the world needs companies that solve real problems – let’s find and start tackling yours together.