We figure out your future

Our expertise lies in future scenarios and co-creation. We offer services in four categories, all related to the future of your business. We are experienced in solving problems related to the built environment and mobility, healthcare, food and energy. However, we are always eager to tackle the future of any sector.

Most of us are also frequent speakers, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you wish to spice up your event!

Formulating vision and strategy

  • Vision creation
  • Megatrend workshop
  • Strategy creation
  • Strategy future-proofing
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Defining future scenarios

  • Landscape analysis
  • Board evaluation
  • Work 2040 -workshop
  • Innovation audit
  • Backcasting methodology training
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Creating new business models

  • Unutilized opportunities
  • New business models
  • Platform business
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Facilitating co-creation with partners

  • “Future offering” – customer co-creation process
  • Shape the industry
  • Start-ups and partners
  • Bids and competitive tenders
  • Spice up your event
  • Challenges
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