We figure out your future

Our expertise lies in future scenarios and co-creation. We offer services in four categories, all related to future of your business. We are experienced in solving problems related to built environment and mobility, healthcare, food and energy. However, we are always eager to tackle the future of any sector.

Most of us also are frequent speakers, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you wish to spice up your event!

Formulating strategy and vision

  • Vision creation
  • Megatrend workshop
  • Strategy creation
  • Strategy future-proofing
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Defining future scenarios

  • Landscape analysis
  • Board evaluation
  • Work 2040 -workshop
  • Innovation audit
  • Backcasting methodology training
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Creating new business models

  • Unutilized opportunities
  • New business models
  • Platform business
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Facilitating co-creation with partners

  • “Future offering” – customer co-creation process
  • Shape the industry
  • Start-ups and partners
  • Bids and competitive tenders
  • Spice up your event
  • Challenges
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Formulating strategy and vision

Our approach takes the changing world and opportunities it brings for your business into account. We broaden the view outside the traditional boundaries of your business. We have an access to the latest research, which is why we always make the most enlightened guess at the change that will most influence your business.

Vision creation With the help of your most important stakeholders, we can create an understanding of where you should be in 15 years.

Megatrend workshop Day of coaching for the top-management of your organization. During the workshop they will receive an understanding of the future scenarios and co-create a shared vision based on them.

Strategy creation How to navigate in the business landscape guided by the information on the changes future will bring? We will help you build your business strategy based on this information.

Strategy future-proofing Make sure your strategy takes into account the possible changes in 5+ years. We will also help you check that that it’s resilient enough for the most relevant changes taking place in your area of business.


Defining future scenarios

The future is built today. That’s why we believe you need to look further than two to four years. We will offer tools on how to take grasp the future, one step at a time, starting today. The earlier you start, the more likely your best case scenario will come true.  

Landscape analysis Mapping the changes in business landscape and how they will affect you.

Board evaluation Making the board aware of future scenarios that might influence your business. This will strenghten their capabilities for future-oriented innovation.

Work 2040 -workshop Coaching day for your company’s HR. In this workshop they will look into the ways in which the nature of work will change in the future.

Innovation audit We will help your company to develope an operational model for improving your ability for innovation and refining them.

Backcasting methodology training Does your management need new skills and a new level of performance in vision and strategy planning? After this training they will be more capable to approach insecurities of the future and forecast it in a structured manner.

Creating new business models

Best businesses solve core problems. We are the leading facilitator of open innovation for large companies. Our approach allows for testing of even broad product families or platform solutions to support decision making.

Unutilized opportunities We help you identify the unutilized opportunities arising from your business environment and turn them into concrete actions.

New business models Disrupt or be disrupted. Refreshing the old ways of doing things in order to stay on the cutting edge of the competition. Build experiments with us as a means to implement changes. Experimentation is an economic and efficient way to produce data to support investments.

Platform business In the future successful businesses are no longer making profit in a value chain but in a platform. We help you identify those relevant to your business.

Facilitating co-creation with partners

We facilitate business co-creation with employers, customers and authorities as well as corporate and start-up partners. Let us collect the most relevant stakeholders for each project around the same table.

“Future offering” – co-creating with your customers This process helps you define the future offering with your customers. The offering will be backed with a thorough analysis of megatrends transforming your business.

Shape the industry Create partnerships with actors that share your goals. We will help you find the capabilities needed for shaping the whole industry.

Start-ups and partners Start-up partners could boost your own business with their agility and core competences – and other way around: larger, established companies can help start-ups step up their busines. Demos Effect helps you find your match.

Bids and competitive tenders With research information and facilitated discussion with your most relevant stakeholders, we compile a competition report for e.g. built environment tenders. In these we have worked together with for example consortiums including service providers and architects.

Fun yet beneficial events We are experts at making  your events stand out with our insightful keynotes, participative mini-workshops and well-facilitated  panel discussions.

Challenges We facilitate innovation challenges to find the best solution for your problem as efficiently as possible.